The challenges we face create a new [form] of reuse and recycling New [form] = [Refine Product] creates a future for reuse and recycling. In order to provide global support with an advance product line that meets global standards. Taking up the challenge of environmental protection through the advancement of re-use for the future of the world and humankind We have taken up the challenge tocreate an industrial container supply network overseas


Refine Product

Nisshin Yoki's new products.
We aim to provide high quality cleaning and new products.

Handling Products

Regardless of new & reconditioned, every industrial container is provided and suggested.

  • Steel Drums
  • IBCs
  •  Other Business Items

The reconditioning processes

By a reuse system cultivated for many years, high-quality reconditioned drums are supplied.

Open Head (OH) Steel Drums

  • Click here for Standard OH Steel Drums
  • Click here for Inner Coated OH Steel Drums

Tight Head Steel Drums

  • Tight Head Steel Drums

The operation of automatic washing lines for IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) was started!

  • IBC