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Environmental initiatives

Nisshin Yoki is a company that can contribute to the creation of a recycling society through its business activities.

The term "recycling society" refers to a "society that limits resource consumption and reduces its environmental burden as much as possible." One approach to creating a recycling society is "3R" ("Reduce, Reuse and Recycle"), meaning programs to reduce generation of waste, reuse products and recycle waste materials. At Nisshin Yoki, we provide container recycling processing for "drum reuse."

At Nisshin Yoki, not only do we provide a stable supply of high-quality industrial containers that can satisfy customers' demands through our "drum reuse" business activities, we also seek to mitigate our environmental burden as much as possible through consideration of the negative environmental effects generated during the recycling process. We are confident our business activities can contribute to the creation of a recycling society, and will continually strive to supply containers that are even cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

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