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  In April 2010, Nisshin Yoki celebrated its 100th anniversary. During this 100 year period, Nisshin Yoki has been supported by its close relationship with its many clients and customers and the Nisshin Group.
As times have changed, containers have evolved and there is a large variety of types available today. It is our mission to assist our customers with their distribution needs, and with the benefit of your support we are able to offer a full range of industrial containers.
We wish to protect the earth's environment and as such we have been managing the re-use and recycling of containers so that our products can be used with peace of mind.
Our commitment to fostering close relationships with our customers through the activity of container distribution will remain unchanged. Furthermore, we are eager to try to meet the desires of an even greater number of people.
In order that we may offer even cleaner and more environmentally friendly containers, we are constantly developing new products as well as improving quality management.
In a time when production bases are spreading around the world, from a viewpoint of distribution in Asia, Nisshin Yoki has begun to offer global support by developing its own Asian production sites.
With "relationships", "environment" and "challenge" as their keywords, all the staff at Nisshin Yoki will support a global network of container distribution.
President, Nisshin Yoki Co.,Ltd. Masato Yamamoto

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